HKAS Professional Developments Seminar Series 2023.Sep#3 Seminar


Following the first Seminar “Overview on Archival Management” in April, and the second Seminar conducted in July entitled “Developing a records appraisal strategy for your work place”, HKAS is launching the 3rd seminar in September:


Preservation of Organisational Archival Records
The workshop aims at enriching the participants’ knowledge on preservation and conservation of archival records and empowering their preservation skills in order to cope with daily operational needs in accordance with the best practices 
Course modules: (2 x 3-hour sessions)
Session 1: How to preserve the archives (Passive measures)
  • Environmental control in storage and its requirements, e.g. control of lighting, RH level, temperature 
  • Proper handling and storage of archives 
  • Preventive measures of Pest infestation 
  • Emergency salvage of archives 
  • Case studies 

Session 2: How to conserve and protect archives (Active measures)
  • Digitisation of archives 
  • Demonstration and practices on paper conservation treatments, such as, paste making, tape removal, tear repairing 
  • Case studies 
Angela Wai Sum LIU, FIIC, MA in preservation, Senior Paper conservator 

MS Liu is presently involving in preservation and conservation of documentary heritage, including environmental and pest control of repositories; practicing preventive measures; implementing conservation treatments and digitisation, as well as establishing disaster recovery and emergency plans for different natures of archives etc.

She possesses over twenty-seven years of work experience in the Library, Archives and Museum sectors and have been worked in the capacity of fellows/interns at renowned institutions over the world, such as the USA, UK, Sweden and the mainland China. She is currently the Fellow of the International Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (IIC).

Dates and times: 9.00 am – 12.00 noon, 2 and 9 September

Venue: Fortress Tower Learning Centre, HKU SPACE, 250 King’s Road, North Point (Exit B, Fortress Hill MTR Station)

Language: Cantonese with handouts in English

Fee: $640 for members; $800 for non-members (non-members can opt to join the Society when registering. See membership benefits here). 
Fees cover ---
  • handouts for the participants
  • certificates of attendance if required
  • mandatory hand tools and materials for the second session (1. Mini iron (optional: HK$230); 2. water infill pen; 3. Spatula; 4. Forceps; 5. Paint brush 1 set; 6. 薄美濃紙 1pc)

Deadline for registration:
12 pm on August 21st, 2023 Monday


Upon completion, participants will be able to:
  • Provide a suitable environment and fabricate protective enclosures to store their archival records; and
  • Adopt different measures (active and passive methods) to enhance life span of the archival records; and
  • Exercise proper procedures to salvage archives under threat while disaster comes.

Who should attend:
Those who are currently working in the associated sectors with practical operational needs or any interested members from the public. Those who have basic knowledge on archives management or possess relevant experience in the related sectors may gain more as you can practise and apply what is learnt.



For any questions, please email

Please note:

  • Participants must attend the first session in order to attend the second
  • Fees are non-refundable unless the Society cancels the seminar due to 1) insufficient numbers of participants; or 2) unavailability of presenter or venue due to unforeseen circumstances beyond the Society’s control
  • Registration can be transferred to members of the same institution with prior notice to the Society (
  • Certificates of attendance will only be provided to participants who attend all the sessions

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