Welcome, this is where you can find information related to archives in Hong Kong. Our mission is to raise public awareness of the importance and value of archives in Hong Kong and promote professional development. The Society aims to provide a community and forum for archivists and those interested in the archive profession to meet, share ideas and contribute to the debate.

More and more companies are profiting from their past. The value of archives in branding and as a source of product development and innovation has been demonstrated by many corporations. As too, has their value in generating loyalty and pride in employees, customers and shareholders. Hong Kong’s business archives are proud to tell the story of the city’s economic development.

Oral history has a vital role to play in documenting history. To encourage more organisations and individuals to use this approach in recording their unique contributions to, and memories of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Archives Society (HKAS) is proud to have established the Hong Kong Oral History Group in October 2012 as a forum for debate and discussion.