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2011 / 04 / 22

The Hong Kong Archives Society together with HKUSpace is pleased to present the following free public seminar on 7 May 2011:

Archives Don’t Lie, You Do ! (Seeking Truth Through Archives) 歷史檔案不會說謊 , 說謊的是你 (檔案尋真)

"The Archival record is different. It is the direct, uninterrupted and authentic voice of the past: the primary evidence of what people did and what they thought;….The Archival record is the foundation on which are built our histories and their many and varied voices.”  (Listening to the Past, Speaking to the Future: Report of the Archives Taskforce [UK], March 2004.  

That said, archives can be misused; don’t historians sometimes just select whatever facts they need to support their own interpretation? How then can we tell if historians are telling lies, either deliberately or inadvertently?

In this seminar, Mr. CHU will talk about the nature of archives and its unique and unrivaled evidential quality in historical research. Demonstrating through an example, Mr. Chu will show you how to tell if historians are not telling the TRUTH !

Date & Time: 7 May 2011, 10am - 12 noon
Venue: Room 204, Admiralty Centre, 18 Harcourt Road, Hong Kong

More information and registration here.